The $58 Premium Washable Silk Blouse

Traditional Retail: $98 Compare
Color: Navy

Made by the same factory
that manufactures for Famous Global Luxury Brand


  • Material100% premium silk
  • Weight: Beautiful hand-feel weight of 18 mm 
  • Origin: China
  • Care: Hand-washable. Washed blue color: Dry-clean only.
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A relaxed fit gives this wardrobe classic a modern perspective. Made from 100% premium Chinese silk, this lightweight shirt pairs effortlessly, from draped over jeans to loosely tucked with a pencil skirt. Making styling effortless for every occasion. 

Comparison Pricing

Brand Price Savings
Last Brand $58  
Everlane $98 -41%
Equipment $230 -75%
Theory $245 -76%
Materials $34.50
Crafting Cost $11.50
Packaging $0.50
Shipping & Handling $4.14
Credit Card Fees $1.74
Total Cost $52.38
Last Brand Price $58.00
Traditional Retail Price $98.00
See How

Hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent for delicate fabrics. Soak the garment then gently agitate in the water. 

Rinse thoroughly in cold water and hang to dry. 

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